Why Glass Packaging Is Commonly Used For Beverages

Why Glass Packaging Is Commonly Used For Beverages

Date:Dec 24, 2019

Glass is mainly divided into two major types of flat glass and deep-processed glass, of which there are three main types of flat glass: lead-in flat glass (divided into slotted / non-grooved), flat-drawn flat glass and float glass. Deep processed glass is made of flat glass and has a wide range of applications. Want to know why glass packaging is commonly used for beverages, and how glass products should be packaged and transported. Let me take a look.

Why glass packaging is commonly used for beverages

        1. The glass packaging material has good barrier properties, which can well prevent the invasion of the contents by oxygen and other gases, and at the same time can prevent the volatile components of the contents from volatile in the atmosphere;

        2. Glass packaging materials can be used repeatedly and can reduce packaging costs;

        3. Glass packaging materials can be easily changed in color and transparency;

        4. Glass packaging materials are safe and hygienic, have good corrosion resistance and acid corrosion resistance, and are suitable for the packaging of acidic substances (such as vegetable juice drinks, etc.).

        5. In addition, because glass packaging materials are suitable for the production of automatic filling production lines, the development of domestic glass bottle automatic filling technology and equipment is relatively mature, and glass bottle packaging of fruit and vegetable juice beverages has certain production advantages in China.

How to package and transport glass products

        A. Outer packaging

        1.Wooden boxes, most logistics companies recommend this, but I personally do not recommend this method. Advantages: strong, disadvantages: anti-vibration ability is not very good, there is no elasticity, and it can not serve as a buffer (because of loading and unloading) (Mostly rough loading and unloading), and the weight of the wooden box can not be ignored, it may be heavier than the baby itself, and it is charged according to the weight when mailing;

        2.Sturdy plastic box. I personally think that this kind of outer packaging is more practical, more sturdy and flexible, and lighter in weight.

        3.The foam box is also recommended, but it is not as strong as the first two.The advantages are flexibility, light weight, huh, don't forget, don't choose the too thin foam box, at least 3 cm It's thick, and you need to wrap the foam box a few times with transparent plastic on the outside;

        4.Carton, it is recommended to use a five-layer postal packaging carton, which can be mail-ordered in Taobao stores that specialize in postal supplies, which is much cheaper than the post office. Special care must be taken when using carton packaging to avoid strong soft deformation. .

        B 、 Inner packaging

        If you use wooden boxes and plastic boxes for outer packaging, you need a cardboard box inside, and then lay a layer of elastic items on the bottom of the carton, such as bubble film or cotton wool or foam or crumpled old newspapers or plastic floor mats Or cotton cloth, and then put glass or ceramic products, if the product is easy to open, be sure to put some cotton wool or foam or newspapers inside, if there are multiple pieces, each piece is separated by elastic items Then they are glued tightly with transparent glue, placed in the middle of the box, and stuffed with elastic items around, and then the upper layer is also covered with elastic items. After the goods are inspected by the logistics company, cover the covers, and then fully bandage them with tape. .

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