Why Are Some Skin Care Products Packed In Glass Jars And Bottles?

Why Are Some Skin Care Products Packed In Glass Jars And Bottles?

Date:Sep 29, 2019

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How to choose the primary packaging of cosmetics and skin care products

Is it better or safer to pack the formula in glass bottles or plastic bottles? This is a topic that has been debated endlessly. Whether it is a plastic bottle or a glass bottle, it has its own pros and cons. We should choose the most suitable safety primary cosmetic package and skincare packaging according to the characteristics of the formula.

What are the advantages of the glass bottles and jars as primary packaging for cosmetics and skin care products?

1) The glass jar and bottle is very transparent and heavy, giving people a sense of high-end and with more value;

2) Glass cosmetic containers have good barrier properties and airtight performance. For some cosmetic and skin care products with whitening and nutrition effects, the nutrients inside are easily oxidized, which requires excellent sealing of their packaging. It can prevent oxygen from invading the contents, and can prevent the volatile components of the formula from volatilizing into the atmosphere, so the high barrier of glass jars and bottles is more competent than plastic bottles in protecting content.

3) All glass bottles and jars are produced using some cullet, old glass is often used in the production of new glass bottles. It is a 100% recycled packaging material.

4) The color and transparency of glass cosmetic jars and bottles can be easily changed to suit different requirements of the content. Some products are sensitive to light. We can completely opaque the bottle to protect the product from UV rays.

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