Why Glass Bottles Are Commonly Used For Drinks

Why Glass Bottles Are Commonly Used For Drinks

Date:Feb 12, 2020

Glass has good see-through and light transmission properties, high chemical stability, and can obtain strong mechanical strength and thermal insulation effects according to different processing methods. It can even change the color of the glass autonomously and block too much light. To meet different needs in various industries.

Why are glass bottles often used for drinks?

        1. The glass material has good barrier properties, which can well prevent the invasion of the contents by oxygen and other gases, and at the same time can prevent the volatile components of the contents from volatilizing to the atmosphere;

        2. The glass bottle can be used repeatedly many times, which can reduce the packaging cost;

        3. Glass can be easily changed in color and transparency;

        4. The glass bottle is safe and hygienic, has good corrosion resistance and acid corrosion resistance, and is suitable for the packaging of acidic substances (such as vegetable juice drinks, etc.);

        5. In addition, since glass bottles are suitable for the production of automatic filling production lines, the development of domestic glass bottle automatic filling technology and equipment is relatively mature. Using glass bottles to package fruit and vegetable juice beverages has certain production advantages in China.

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