What Is A Production Line For Glass Bottles

What Is A Production Line For Glass Bottles

Date:Nov 05, 2020

What is the production line of glass bottles? The changes in consumption trends keep pace with the times and the rapid development of science and technology. The manufacturing industry is also following up simultaneously. After a national standard or industry standard has been used for seven or eight years, necessary improvements and modifications should be made to retain those parts that adapt to the development trend and add some necessary content. Excessive requirements and excessive technical indicators have increased useless manufacturing costs and caused a waste of resources. They should also be included in the revision. The most urgent thing is to make the national standard or industry standard more authoritative, representative and appropriate. It is not true that the manual machine production process will cause the die to be misplaced or not in place during operation. The uniformity of the bottle openings will also vary greatly, but manual operation will be more flexible than the assembly line due to individual bottle types, so as to achieve the product effect that the assembly line cannot make.

The bottle's shaping, cooling and moulding line will be affected by the speed of the air and the time and length of opening and closing the mould. Most manual machine moulds are opened with handles. The assembly line is different. The mold vents and opening and closing time are very small, which has little effect on product shaping, and the product clamping line will be very small. Although the glass color glaze used in the pattern of the printed glass bottle has been integrated with the glass, its inherent glass characteristics also determine the number of uses is limited to seven. Too much repeated use will bring adverse consequences. The decaled glass bottle can only be used once, and its pattern is no longer complete. It is also determined by the inherent acid-base resistance and erosion resistance of the decal material after high temperature curing. Compared with new wine in new bottles and new wine in old bottles, beer and beverage manufacturers in the same industry have begun to use printed glass bottles, lightweight or disposable glass bottles as product outer packaging. Although a certain amount of production cost has been increased, it is of great benefit to the improvement of product quality.

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