What Effect Does Glass Wine Bottle Have On The Quality Of Bottled Liquor?

What Effect Does Glass Wine Bottle Have On The Quality Of Bottled Liquor?

Date:Mar 03, 2021

What effect does glass wine bottle have on the quality of bottled liquor?

    Glass wine bottles are the first choice for wine packaging, which also makes people form inherent consumption habits. At the same time, glass wine bottles themselves are non-toxic and tasteless; transparent, beautiful, good barrier properties, airtight, abundant raw materials, low prices, and can Used in multiple turnovers. And it has the advantages of heat resistance, pressure resistance, and cleaning resistance. It can be sterilized at high temperature and can be stored at low temperature. It is precisely because of its many advantages that it has become the preferred packaging material for many beverages such as beer, fruit tea, and jujube juice.

    However, the latest research shows that sunlight has a great influence on the quality of wine. Liquor itself is colorless and transparent, so it is generally preferred to be packed in colorless and transparent glass bottles to appear flawless. In fact, in a transparent glass bottle, when exposed to sunlight, the quality of liquor will change, which is not good for the preservation of the wine. At the same time, to a certain extent, the glass bottle is not breathable, and the wine cannot breathe. The greenhouse effect will cause the wine to heat up and deteriorate. Therefore, the color of the wine bottle in the white wine bottle packaging has a great impact on the quality of the white wine. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a darker glass container on the white wine bottle packaging container.

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