What Are The Quality Requirements For Glass Bottles

What Are The Quality Requirements For Glass Bottles

Date:Feb 29, 2020

What are the quality requirements for glass bottles?

         Quality requirements Glass jars should have certain performance and meet certain quality standards.

         ①Glass quality: pure and uniform, without defects such as sand, gravel, bubbles, etc. Colorless glass has high transparency; the color of the color glass is uniform and stable, and it can absorb light energy of a certain wavelength.

         ②Physical and chemical properties: It has certain chemical stability and does not interact with the contents. It has certain shock resistance and mechanical strength, can withstand heating, cooling processes such as washing and sterilization, and can withstand filling, storage and transportation. It can be maintained without damage when it encounters general internal and external stress, vibration, and impact.

         ③ Molding quality: maintain a certain volume, weight and shape, uniform wall thickness, smooth and flat mouth to ensure convenient filling and good sealing. No distortion, no smoothness, unevenness and cracks.

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