The Recycling Rate Of Glass Bottles In Europe Reaches 74%

The Recycling Rate Of Glass Bottles In Europe Reaches 74%

Date:Sep 19, 2020

According to new data released by the FEVE (European Federation of Glass Containers), Europe has recycled 12 million tons of glass bottles and glass jars, of which the average glass recycling rate in EU countries is 74%. FEVE said that this number will rise. Circular economy is currently one of the concerns of relevant European departments, and EU member states have pledged to focus on the implementation of policies to reduce urban waste and strengthen glass recycling.

FEVE Secretary-General Adeline Farrelly said: “Nearly 90% of recycled glass bottles will be used in the manufacture of new glass bottles, and the new glass bottles produced can reach food-grade quality. Renewed glass is one of our important raw materials. It brings us significant environmental benefits and helps us conserve resources"

   A recent study by FEVE on the recycling of glass packaging bottles shows that Austria and Sweden have promoted their glass recycling rate to exceed 90% by establishing a glass bottle inventory system and raising consumers’ environmental awareness.

   The average EU glass recycling rate of 74% is just an average probability. Among them are countries with a "recycling rate of more than 90%" such as Belgium, Finland, Austria, Sweden and Slovenia. The excellent performance of these countries provides the industry with excellent updated raw materials. Countries with a "recycling rate of less than 40%" such as Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Malta and Romania are potential areas for the glass bottle recycling market.

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