Research On The Status Of Glass Packaging Waste Recycling

Research On The Status Of Glass Packaging Waste Recycling

Date:Jan 02, 2020

Glass packaging waste is a kind of packaging waste, which refers to glass packaging containers and materials that have lost or completed the function of protecting the original value and use value of the contents, and become solid waste. At present, the recycling of glass packaging waste in developed countries generally reaches more than 70%, while the recycling rate in China has hovered around 20% for a long time. If 1 billion glass bottles are recycled in a year, 49,000 tons of coal, 38.5 million kWh of electricity, and 49,000 tons of quartz sand can be saved for the production of the same amount of glass bottles. The classification of glass packaging waste is divided into three types: glass wine bottles, special packaging (including medicine), and life bottles according to their uses and places.

The recycling process of glass packaging is: waste reduction → reuse → recycling → safe disposal

Recycling technology: In accordance with the principle of "reuse, recycling" of the comprehensive utilization of glass packaging waste, there are mainly four types of recycling: packaging reuse, recycling, recycling of raw materials, and transformation and utilization.

Factors affecting the recycling of glass packaging materials: the types and quantities of recycling are far from meeting the needs of reproduction; the recycling channels are not smooth; the responsibilities of the recycling subject are unclear;

Thinking about promoting the recycling of glass packaging waste (1) Raising awareness of waste classification, establishing a system and system for waste classification and treatment (2) Legislative enforcement and policy preferences (3) Implementing standardization, standardization and networking of recycling work (4) Establishing a recycling logistics system (5) Strengthen technical and financial support.

Glass packaging waste is an important source of environmental pollution. It cannot be degraded in the natural environment. In the past, traditional landfill disposal methods would cause long-term environmental pollution. Recycling it not only protects the environment, but also saves a lot of mineral resources and energy consumption, which is of great significance for the rational use of natural resources and the unified coordination of ecological and economic benefits. Through strengthening the country's macro-control and policy support for glass packaging waste, raise the awareness of waste classification among the entire population, establish a waste classification and treatment system and system, establish a recycling and logistics network system, and promote a cooperative governance model between the government and enterprises to achieve recycling and recycling of resources and Urban green development.

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