Ingredients And Material Classfication Of Glass Packaging

Ingredients And Material Classfication Of Glass Packaging

Date:Jan 16, 2020

Ingredients and material classfication of glass packaging

Main Ingredients Of Glass

Na20, CaO, 6SiO2

The glass packaging company offers cosmetic jars and bottles made by glass which is a silicate-based non-metallic material formed by melting silica and other chemicals together, the main raw materials are soda ash, limestone, quartz. These mixed raw materials form a continuous network structure when melted, the viscosity gradually increases and hardens, causing them to crystallize during cooling process.

Material Classfication Of Glass 

Glass material is divided into ordinary white, high white, ultra white, and crystal white, different material colors can directly affect the transparency and brittleness of glass packaging products. The better the raw materials, the better the quality of the glass jars and bottles, so definitely the cost of different material color is also different. Recycled glass is added during the production of glass jars and bottles, The plain white glass jar and bottles use slightly more recycled materials in production, while less recycled glass material used in the formulation of high white and crystal white glass jars and bottles. When making high white glass packaging products, we need choose better raw material which with high purity and high density, and the crystal white glass cosmetic containers are basically made of quartz stone and silica as an auxiliary material, and then processed.

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