In The Green Economy, Glass Packaging Must Seize Opportunities

In The Green Economy, Glass Packaging Must Seize Opportunities

Date:Jan 16, 2020

At present, "white pollution" has increasingly become a social issue of universal concern to all countries in the world. It can also be seen from the increasing control of environmental protection in China. Under the severe survival challenge of air pollution, the country focused its development perspective on the green economy. Enterprises also pay more attention to the development and promotion of green products. Market demand and social responsibility have spawned a number of responsible enterprises pursuing green production methods.

Glass meets the requirements of marketization and greening of glass packaging. With the advantages of environmental protection, good sealing, high temperature resistance, and easy disinfection, it is called a new packaging material and occupies a certain share in the market. On the other hand, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection and resource conservation among social residents, glass packaging containers have gradually become the government's encouraging packaging materials, and consumers' recognition of glass packaging containers has also continued to increase.

The so-called glass packaging container is, as the name implies, a transparent container made by blowing and molding a molten glass frit. Compared with traditional packaging, it has performance advantages such as less changes in material properties, good corrosion resistance and acid resistance, good barrier properties and sealing effects, and can be reprocessed. It is therefore widely used in beverages and pharmaceuticals. In recent years, although the demand for glass packaging containers in the international market has shown a downward trend, glass packaging containers are still gaining momentum in packaging and storage of various beverages, food seasonings, chemical reagents, and other daily necessities.

At the national level, with the continuous advancement of "supply-side structural reforms" and "environmental protection and tough battles" and stricter industry access, China has introduced a daily glass industry access policy to regulate the production, operation and investment of daily glass industry Promote energy-saving and emission-reduction clean production, and guide the daily-use glass industry to develop into a resource-saving and environment-friendly industry.

At the market level, in order to adapt to the fierce competition in the international packaging market, some foreign glass packaging container manufacturers and scientific research departments have continuously introduced new equipment and adopted new technologies, which have made a lot of progress in the manufacture of glass packaging containers. The overall output of glass packaging containers has continued to grow. According to forward-looking network statistics, with the growth of various alcohol consumption, it is expected that the output in 2018 will rise to 19,730,400 tons.

From an objective point of view, the overall scale of the glass packaging container manufacturing industry continues to grow, and the national glass packaging container capacity level has increased rapidly. It should be noted that glass packaging containers also have some shortcomings, and easy breakage is one of the shortcomings. Therefore, the impact resistance index of glass bottles and cans has become an important test item. Under the condition that the strength of the glass packaging is guaranteed, the weight-volume ratio of the glass bottle is reduced, and the purpose is to improve its greenness and economy. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the weight reduction of glass packaging.

Glass bottle packaging relies on a series of physical and chemical properties such as chemical stability, air tightness, smoothness, transparency, high temperature resistance, and easy sterilization of glass packaging to quickly occupy some markets. In the future, glass packaging containers will definitely have broader development prospects.

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