How To Recycle Waste Glass Packaging

How To Recycle Waste Glass Packaging

Date:Mar 02, 2020

When using waste glass packaging bottles (or broken glass frit) as raw materials for glass products, pay attention to the following issues.

         (1) Fine selection and removal of impurities

         Impurities such as foreign metals and ceramics must be removed from glass bottle recycling because glass container manufacturers need to use high-purity raw materials. For example, metal lids in broken glass can form oxides that interfere with furnace operation; ceramics and other foreign materials can cause defects in container production.

         (2) Color selection

         Recycling colors is also a problem. Because colored glass cannot be used in the manufacture of colorless flint glass, and only 10% of green or flint glass is allowed to be produced in amber glass. Therefore, the broken glass after consumption must be manually or mechanically selected for color. Broken glass can only be used to produce light green glass containers if it is used directly without color picking.

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