How To Recycle Waste Glass Bottles

How To Recycle Waste Glass Bottles

Date:Aug 18, 2020

Some friends who are more concerned about the glass industry may often hear people mention glass recycling. We often come into contact with various types of glass materials, but because many people do not have a deep understanding of the glass industry, various problems have arisen around it. In order to help you get a deeper understanding of how to recycle waste glass bottles and solve your doubts, we have compiled this article, hoping to help.

        At present, there are several types of recycling and utilization of glass products: as casting flux, transformation utilization, recycling, raw material recycling and reuse, etc.

        1. As a casting flux

        Broken glass can be used as a flux for smelting cast steel and cast copper alloys, covering the melt to prevent oxidation.

        2. Transformation and utilization

        Transformation utilization is a kind of recycling method that needs to be developed urgently. In the future, there will be many new value-added technologies for transformation utilization. After the pre-treated cullet is processed into small glass particles, it has the following multiple uses:

        (1) The use of glass fragments as a combination of road surfaces has been tested in the United States and Canada for several years. It has been proved that using glass fragments as road fillers can reduce vehicle lateral slip and overturn accidents than other materials; light reflection is appropriate; road surfaces Good wear and tear; snow melts quickly, suitable for use in places with low temperatures, etc.

        (2) Mix crushed glass with building materials to make building products such as building prefabs and building bricks. Practice has proved that the pressure-molded products with organic substances as cements have high dimensional accuracy and strength, and low production costs.

        (3) Shattered glass is used to make building surface decorations, reflector materials, arts and crafts and clothing accessories, with beautiful visual effects.

        (4) The mixture of glass and plastic waste and building materials can be made into synthetic building products.

        3. Recycling. After pre-processing the recycled glass, it is re-melted to manufacture glass containers, glass fibers, etc.

        4. Recycling of raw materials "Use recycled glass cullet as an additive raw material for glass products, because adding an appropriate amount of cullet helps the glass to melt at a lower temperature.

        5. Reuse   At present, the reusable range of glass bottle packaging is mainly low-value and large-volume commodity packaging glass bottles. Such as beer bottles, soda bottles, soy sauce bottles, vinegar bottles and some canned bottles.

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