How Should Glass Be Packed When Transported

How Should Glass Be Packed When Transported

Date:Mar 30, 2020

How should glass be packed when transported?

         Products should be packed in containers or wooden cases. Each piece of glass should be packed in plastic bags or paper, and the glass and packing box should be filled with light and soft materials that are not likely to cause glass defects such as scratches. Specific requirements should meet the relevant national standards.

         Packing mark

         The packaging mark shall comply with the relevant national standards, and each packing box shall be marked with "upward, lightly handled, carefully broken, glass thickness, grade, factory name or trademark" and so on.


         The various types of transport vehicles and handling rules used in the product shall comply with relevant national regulations.

         When transporting, the wooden box must not be placed horizontally or obliquely, the length direction should be the same as the moving direction of the transport vehicle, and measures should be taken to prevent rain.


         The product should be stored vertically in a dry room.

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