Go Green With GLASS Sustainable Packaging For Beauty

Go Green With GLASS Sustainable Packaging For Beauty

Date:Nov 15, 2019

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Glass is a sustainable material which is considered to be the only cradle-to-cradle recyclable package, it can be infinitely recycled without lowering the quality, purity and clarity of the glass. Moreover it provides great environmental benefits such as contributing to mitigating climate change and saving precious natural resources.

So what is the future development of glass as primary cosmetic packaging?

Generally speaking, the texture of cosmetics is solid granular (powdered), liquid emulsion and creamy, jars and bottles were widely used as primary cosmetic packaging because of the textures of cosmetic, plastic cosmetic container is the most used packaging in this field, but glass packaging is with irreplaceable advantages, it is still a preferred material for high-end cosmetics and skin care products because of its texture, high performance of sealing and barrier properties as well as it is the safest material.

At present, environmental protection and sustainable packaging is one of the most concerned topic all over the world, glass is difficult to be degraded but can be 100% recycled and can reduce carbon emissions, glass cosmetic jars and bottles are not just eco-friendly packaging but also perfect packaging solution for beauty products since it won't react with any components and chemicals.

With the increasing of high performance cosmetics, we believe the demand for glass cosmetic jars and bottles will also grow continuously. At the end, we propose every one of us to do a good job of sorting glass jars and bottles when running out of cosmetics, so that the glass cosmetic containers can be recycled and reused, and the earth we live on will get better and better.

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