Glass Packaging Is Increasingly Welcomed By The Market

Glass Packaging Is Increasingly Welcomed By The Market

Date:Nov 26, 2019

In recent years, glass packaging has become more and more popular in the market, and the growth trend is getting better. This area has also received more and more attention.

Significant shelf life in glass packaging

Many times, we see glass bottles as simply a container for packaging. However, glass bottles are widely used in beverages, food, cosmetics, and medicine. In fact, glass bottles play a role in other functions as well as the packaging.

Let's talk about the role of glass bottles in wine packaging. We all know that wine is almost always packaged in glass bottles, and the colors are dark. In fact, dark wine glass bottles can protect the quality of the wine, avoid the deterioration of the wine due to light, and protect the better storage of the wine. Let's talk about glass bottles of essential oils. In fact, essential oils are easy to play and the requirements for light are very strict. Therefore, essential oil glass bottles must protect the essential oils from being volatile.

Then, glass bottles should do more in food, medicine and other fields. For example, food needs shelf life, and how to further enhance the shelf life of food through glass bottle packaging seems very necessary.

Glass packaging market demand is strong

In the second council of the seventh session of the China Daily Glass Association, a set of data was sorted out: the output of daily glass products and glass packaging containers in 2014 reached 27.986 million tons, an increase of 40.47% over 2010 and an average annual increase of 8.86%.

In the opinion of Meng Lingyan, the chairman of the China Daily Glass Association, in recent years, the growth trend of glass beverage bottles has improved, especially the Arctic Ocean soft drinks in Beijing. The output has tripled and demand exceeds supply, and its demand for high-quality glass packaging containers has also increased. The number is constantly increasing, as are the Tianjin Shanhaiguan soda and Xi'an Bingfeng soda. This also means that with the popularization of basic characteristics and culture of daily glass, consumers have become more and more aware of glass as the safest food packaging material, especially glass beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, grain and oil bottles, storage There are huge markets for cans, fresh milk, yogurt bottles, glass tableware, tea sets, and water wares.

Zhao Yali, chairman of the China Beverage Association, also frankly said that almost all beverages 20 years ago were bottled in glass, but now many old brands have been upgraded and the market is still recovering, but they still insist on using glass packaging, and some high-grade mineral waters also choose to use glass bottles. , And even some beverages use plastic packaging design similar to glass bottles, this phenomenon shows that people ’s consumer psychology is more inclined to glass packaging, that is more high-end.

Meng Lingyan said that daily-use glass products are rich in variety and widely used, have good, reliable chemical stability and barrier properties, can directly contain items and have no pollution to the contents, and are non-polluting products that can be recycled, recycled and reused. It is recognized as a safe, green and environmentally friendly packaging material in various countries, and is also a favorite item in people's daily lives. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, with the improvement of people's living standards and quality of life, the development of brewing, food, beverage, medicine and other industries required glass packaging bottles and cans, and people's demand for various glassware, glass crafts, Demand for glass art will steadily increase.

Because of this, during the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the daily glass industry's development goals are: the daily output of daily glass products and glass packaging containers of daily-scale glass manufacturing enterprises above designated size will increase by 3% to 5%, and by 2020, daily glass The output of products and glass packaging containers reached 32-35 million tons.

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