Glass Dropper Use Precautions

Glass Dropper Use Precautions

Date:Jun 30, 2019

1) The grip method is to hold the glass tube part with the middle finger and the ring finger to maintain stability, and squeeze the rubber head with the thumb and index finger to control the inhalation or dripping of the reagent.

2) When adding the liquid to the plastic pipette, it can't reach the container, and it can't touch the container.

3) Can not be inverted, can not be placed on the table. Should be inserted into a clean bottle or test tube.

4) Immediately after use, wash with water. Do not take another reagent without washing.

5) The rubber cap and the glass dropper should be tightly combined and airtight. If the rubber cap is aging, it should be replaced in time.

The most error-prone is to put the plastic dropper into the test tube mouth, and the other thing to note is that the plastic dropper should be kept vertical when the reagent is added to the test tube.

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