Glass Bottle Mechanical Blow Molding Method

Glass Bottle Mechanical Blow Molding Method

Date:Feb 19, 2020

Glass bottle mechanical blow molding method

        (1) Blow-blowing method

        This method is mostly used to form small-necked bottles, and vacuum-assisted molding can also be used in the EF type of row machine prototype.

        The so-called blow-blow method is to perform the first blow in the primary mold to shape the mouth and blow into a prototype, and then transfer it into the mold for a second blow molding.

        According to the different feeding methods, it can be divided into two types: vacuum suction and drop feeding.

        (2) Rotary blowing method

        Refers to non-stop rotation when blowing material bubbles.

        In the rotary blowing method, the vacuum suction method is used to feed. This is to suck the glass liquid from the block, cut it and drop it into the molding die. The rotating shaft claw will quickly clamp and then rotate and complete the blowing. A series of actions. This method is suitable for the manufacture of large-scale appliances.

        (Three) belt blowing method

        The material is supplied by liquid flow, and the glass liquid continuously flows out from the leakage hole, and is rolled into a belt shape by a roller, and then relies on its own weight and air blow to form an air bubble on the transmission chain. Made into shape.

        The belt blowing method is mainly used for the production of lamp bubble shells and tea cups, etc., and has a large production capacity.

        (Four) pressure-blowing method

        The dropping material is pressed in a preliminary mold to shape the mouth, and then transferred to a molding mold for blow molding.

        Pressure-blow molding is easy to make the wall thickness of the product uniform, so in addition to mainly used to produce hollow glass products such as wide-mouth bottles, some factories also use this method to produce small-mouth bottles.

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