Glass Bottle Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

Glass Bottle Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

Date:Jul 05, 2019

In the past ten years, the practice of this technological transformation in glass melting furnaces in the world shows that oxy-combustion technology has significant advantages such as low investment, low energy consumption and low pollutant emission. In the United States and Europe, lightweight bottle cans are the leading products of glass bottles, small mouth pressure blowing technology (NNPB), bottle hot and cold end spraying technology, etc., are advanced technologies for lightweight production.

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The German company has been able to produce a 1 liter concentrated juice bottle weighing only 295 grams. The surface of the glass wall is coated with organic resin to increase the pressure strength of the bottle by 20%. In modern factories, producing glass bottles is not an easy task, and there are many scientific problems that need to be solved.

In our daily lives, glass bottles can be seen everywhere. Whether it is beverages, medicines, cosmetics, etc., glass bottles are their good partners. These glass bottles have always been considered as the best packaging materials because of their transparent aesthetics, good chemical stability, no pollution to the contents, high temperature heating, and recycling of old bottles.

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