Cost Saving Intel Discontinues I9-9900K Regular Dodecahedron Glass Packaging

Cost Saving Intel Discontinues I9-9900K Regular Dodecahedron Glass Packaging

Date:Jul 15, 2020

The tenth-generation Core has already appeared, and for old products, Intel naturally let go.

In June, Intel issued a product adjustment notice that the content of the i9-9900K existing product packaging, including the Chinese market, was stopped and changed to a standard carton.

The i9-9900K's current packaging is regular dodecahedron, and it is made of translucent glass, which is quite chic. Unfortunately, Intel received the last batch of orders on June 26, and the last batch of dodecahedron packaging was shipped before July 10, and will be out of print in the future.

In addition, i9-9900KS, which also uses regular dodecahedron packaging, seems to be included in this product adjustment.

In fact, regarding this package, Intel has made changes before, but not the appearance, but the bulk shipping method. At first, the big box was filled with five pieces, and then separated with a foam partition. Later, Intel simply made a dodecahedron to reduce the amount of foam. However, the overall transportation was still a waste of materials and capacity.

In addition, i9-9900K is no longer a flagship product, there is no reason to enjoy such over-regulation.

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