Comparison Of Glass Bottle Packaging And Plastic Bottle Packaging

Comparison Of Glass Bottle Packaging And Plastic Bottle Packaging

Date:Oct 28, 2020

Plastic bottles are often relatively strong in terms of plasticity, which makes the application of many new packaging technologies to plastic bottles far more convenient than glass bottles, so we will find that although glass bottles have a long history of packaging, they have not changed. Many, packaging innovation is not strong, and the variety of plastic bottles has won more market orders for it.

Making some new improvements and attempts on glass bottles does require more effort and money than plastic bottles. For example, plastic bottle sleeve labeling technology has not been applied to glass bottles. In fact, the sleeve label can expand the display information of the glass bottle packaging, and can improve the appearance of the glass bottle packaging. However, it is indeed difficult to use sleeve labels on glass bottles. Therefore, glass bottles can only be realized by spraying techniques. Regarding this problem of glass bottles, we believe that only by constantly improving products from glass bottle manufacturers themselves and new technologies that cater to market changes can they better integrate into the market.

For consumers, only glass bottle improvements can make the entire packaging industry in a healthy competition and win more opportunities.

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