Central Issue: The Era Of Green Packaging Is Coming, Packaging Has Green Standards

Central Issue: The Era Of Green Packaging Is Coming, Packaging Has Green Standards

Date:Nov 14, 2019

Recently, the CCTV focus interview column featured a special report on green packaging. The report mainly mentioned that the State Administration of Markets issued the recommended national standard “Green Packaging Evaluation Method and Guidelines” in May this year, aiming at low-carbon and energy-saving green packaging products. The requirements for environmental protection and safety stipulate the evaluation criteria, evaluation methods, evaluation report content and format of green packaging. Since then, green packaging has a new standard!

    In recent years, as the country has vigorously promoted green packaging, alternative green packaging materials have sprung up, and a large number of packaging customers' brand orders have been taken away. The green transformation of packaging companies has escalated into a contest about survival, and reform is imminent. Numerous facts have also proved that the new era of green packaging has arrived, and packaging companies invest in green packaging to have a future!

    CCTV's "Focus Interview" focuses on green packaging recycling, and packaging has green standards.

    CCTV News: At present, garbage sorting has become a hot topic of concern to everyone. More and more people want to "launch" and see 'waste'." We produce all kinds of garbage every day. This package has a considerable portion. These packages are different in shape and use, and the materials are all kinds of colors. There are paper, plastic, metal, wood, glass, and so on. If the amount of packaging can be reduced and the utilization rate of packaging is improved, the reduction, recycling, and harmlessness of garbage will be promoted to a large extent.

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