Application Of Color Elements In The Design Of Glass Wine Bottles

Application Of Color Elements In The Design Of Glass Wine Bottles

Date:Dec 19, 2020

Color is an element in the packaging of glass wine bottles, and it conveys the emotion of packaging. Traditional baijiu packaging uses red, yellow, and gold as the main colors, and now it is difficult to form a visual impact, and it is impossible to leave a deep mark in the hearts of consumers.   

Nowadays, among the many liquor packages, such liquor brands as "Yanghe" and "Live Brew" have stood out from the competition with their unique packaging colors. Yanghe’s blue classics are mainly blue. This packaging fully embodies the cultural appeal of "Yanghe" wine returning to the sea. The same thing as Yanghe is the "living brew" with a green background. With a flowing "live" character, it accurately reproduces the core of the green culture of "live brew" and forms a very strong product external characteristic, which exactly echoes the inner core of the "live brew" brand.   

Personalized color positioning is becoming an innovation point that everyone chooses together. With the visual impact of color, it breaks through the packaging of liquor. There are passionate red, mature and stable dark brown, and beige, white, black and so on.

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