Wonderful craftsmanship on cosmetic glass packaging

Date:Nov 20, 2019

A perfume bottle is beautiful, but what makes it so attractive? The hottest trend in glass decoration today is still organic spray (Organic spray). For example, Elizabeth. Arden's Britney Spears Fantasy perfume bottle has a metallic sheen purple that is obtained using a spray color process. The industry believes that most customers still use frosted glass bottles because it can hide the defects on the glass.

AOL, New Jersey, USA has now introduced glass packaging with the latest UV-curable inks (UVinks) for screen printing, mobile printing and PS labels. The UV-curable ink for glass avoids the need for high temperature annealing and provides a color range that is almost unlimited. The latest UV-curable inks are cured using UV light; they can be finished in a printing machine or small oven. With only a few seconds of exposure, only a small amount of energy is needed.

The French Sajnt-Gobain Desjonqueres offers the latest technology in glass decoration. Among them are laser decorations involving the vitrification of enamel materials onto glass materials. After the bottle is sprayed with enamel, the laser fuses the material to the glass in the selected design. The excess enamel is washed away. An important advantage of this technology is that it allows the parts of the bottle that have not been processed so far to be decorated, such as raised and recessed parts and lines, which also makes it possible to sketch complex shapes and provide a wide range of Various colors and touches.

Lacquering involves spraying a layer of varnish: after this treatment, the bottles are sprayed in whole or in part (with a cover): they are then annealed in a drying oven. Lacquering offers a wide range of final finish options including clear, matte, opaque, glossy, matt, multicolored, fluorescent, phosphorescent, metallized, and interfering. (interferen-tial), pearlescent and metallic light.

Other new decorative options include new inks with spiral helicone or luster effects, a new surface with a skin-like touch, a new lacquer with holographic or glittering, and a glass that fuses to the glass. And a new thermochromic color (the rmoiuster color).

According to the relevant person in charge of Heinz Glas in the United States, the company can provide screen printing (organic and ceramic) for adding names and patterns to perfume bottles. Pad printing is suitable for surfaces that are not flat or have multiple radii. Acidetching produces the frosting effect of a glass bottle in an acid bath, while organic spraying applies one or more colors to the glass bottle. After organic printing or organic spraying (because the ceramic curing temperature is too high, the ceramic ink cannot be applied after organic treatment), the hot stamping process coats the glass bottle with a specular reflection name or pattern. Sand-blasting provides a name or image of a frosted effect on the glass bottle section. Spraying a glass bottle with aluminum and titanium vacuum metal produces a mirror-like reflection in whole or in part on the outside of the bottle. Victoria’s Secret recently used the company’s titanium-plated process to create a glittering gold effect on the Very Sexy NOW Eau de Toilette Spray.

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