What is the processing technology of glass enamel

Date:Mar 06, 2020

What is the processing technology of glass enamel
         Glass enamel is a composite process that uses glass as a carcass and is decorated with the enamel painting process. It is developed from copper enamel painting and has extremely high technical requirements. Because the melting point of glass and enamel is very close, in the process of repeated painting and baking, if the temperature is low and the enamel glaze cannot be fully melted, the color is not good; if the temperature is high, the carcass is deformed and becomes a waste product.

         Therefore, glass enamel is only suitable for making small utensils, such as vials and snuff bottles. The paintings on the surface are rich in subjects, and landscapes, flowers, birds, fish and insects can all be drawn. Its delicate glass carcass and gorgeous enamel color contrast each other. It is beautiful and beautiful, and it is hard to put it down. The emperors Yongzheng and Qianlong regard the finished product as a treasure, and package it beautifully.

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