What is the most common problem with medicinal glass bottles?

Date:Jun 15, 2019

The medicinal glass bottle packaging has a place in the packaging market. Compared with other materials packaging, the medicinal glass bottle packaging requirements are more stringent. The medicinal glass bottle sealing is packaged in the sanitary standard with the cap gasket. The implementation is a big breakthrough. However, in recent years, more and more packaging forms have entered the packaging market and have begun to threaten the position of medicinal glass bottles in the packaging market.

First, after the medicinal glass bottle is opened and sealed, the medicinal product is still susceptible to secondary pollution. Repeated opening of the bottle cap will cause the drug in the medicinal glass bottle to be invaded by bacteria, and the single package form of the foil paper package can be solved. this problem. Moreover, medicinal glass bottles are relatively expensive, and plastic bag packaging has an advantage in cost.

In general, medicinal glass bottles need to improve some of their own shortcomings in order to win more business opportunities.

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