Traditional crafts are blown out of human mouth

Date:Dec 10, 2019

After the glass is melted, adjust it to a certain temperature (mainly to adjust the viscosity of the glass liquid), slowly fall from the feed head of the feed channel, cut by mechanical scissors, and the glass frit falls into the mold along the slide channel. There is an upward metal rod in the mold, which will push the glass frit into a hollow shape with a mouth downward, and then turn the glass frit into a mouth upward, and sandwich the glass frit with a two-flap bottle mold. At the same time, compressed air is blown into the bottle-forming. After the glass is solidified, the mold is opened, and then annealing, inspection and the like are performed.
Traditional crafts are blown out of a person's mouth. ——Pick out a certain amount of glass frit from the glass kiln with a metal tube, and continuously adjust the shape with a tool or asbestos cloth while blowing. If it is cold, heat it in the furnace until it is in the required shape.

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