Teach you to correctly detect the quality of glass bottles

Date:Jan 30, 2021

Correctly detect the quality of glass bottles:

    Regarding the glass bottle loader that is very hot in our lives, first of all, everyone must master the most professional inspection method, because in the bottled container with inferior performance, if a very safe storage environment is not guaranteed, then we The stored food products will also have very undesirable changes, so it is important for every consumer to be familiar with the most professional testing methods. For this aspect, the glass bottles are explained for us.

    In the wine brewing process, there are many factors that affect product quality, such as raw material quality, technology, winemaking technology, etc. In addition, bottle defects (bottle date, bottle body and bottle bottom) and dirt are also key elements that affect wine quality. Therefore, the empty glass bottles must be inspected before the wine is filled, and the unqualified products must be eliminated before the wine can be filled. At present, most of our country still use manual to inspect the quality of empty glass bottles, which is inefficient, slow and labor intensive. Therefore, for the highly repetitive work of glass bottle inspection, it is of great significance in practice to develop a glass bottle inspection device using machine vision theory to realize the automatic inspection of empty bottles.

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