6 main steps of spray painting for glass jars and bottles

Date:Sep 03, 2019

spray painted glass bottles.jpgglass bottles with spray painting process

If you want to make the clear glass jars and bottles with different colors and effects, it is necessary to add spray painting on the surface of containers, the final effects are available at colored transparent and translucent, opaque, gradient as well as gloss and matte finish. 

In general, the spray painting of glass jars and bottles consists of 6 main processes including pretreatment, preheating, soot cleanning, spraying, drying and waste treatment.

Pretreatment  It is essential to wash the glass bottles and jars prior to spray painting, the main purpose of washing bottles is to remove dust and acid mist from the surface of glass bottles.

Preheating   Dry the glass bottles after washing completed, so the glass bottle with residual heat, the aim of doing this is to enhance the spray adhesion of coating material.

Soot cleaning  If there is dust on the surface of the glass bottle, it will be grainy and not smooth enough when you touch the glass bottle after spraying, so we must do the process of soot cleaning to avoid this situation.

Spraying   This process is finished by spraying machine, and before spraying on the glass bottles, technicians will mix the color and viscosity of paint, also it is very important to control the air pressure of the spray gun and distance between the nozzle and glass bottles, as well as speed of the spray gun when spraying.

Drying   The glass bottles after spraying will go through the oven, drying process can make the paint on the surface of glass jars and bottles with very good fastness, this process needs to control the time and temperature of drying.

Waste treatment   Modern industrial production advocates low carbon emission and environmental protection, the waste water, waste gas and waste residue after glass processing must be disposed of properly, disposal of waste without treatment will pollute the environment we live.

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