Solutions to cracks in glass wine bottles

Date:Dec 12, 2019

In the production of glass wine bottles, it is inevitable that there are defects such as cracks in the bottle body. The defects are large and small. There are various reasons for this. Slow, drip temperature is too low. It may also be that in the aspect of blowing cooling, the positive blowing head is too shallow, the center is not correct, the blowing pressure is too high, or the compressed air contains moisture. Is there any good solution for that crack?
       Generally speaking, when cracks appear in the mouth of the bottle, it is necessary to eliminate the cut and print as far as possible, reasonably adjust the temperature and shape of the drip, and the head of the drip must be smooth. Adjust the cooling air to keep the temperature of the core and mold appropriate. And adjust the blowing time and pressure appropriately, do not blow on the bottle mouth.
        Of course, the above-mentioned problems are only the most common crack problems. After cracks appear, the main solution is for the operator to choose the most suitable method according to the situation.

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