Skincare Packaging The Material Of The Bottle

Date:Jun 10, 2019

Skincare packaging The material of the bottle

People are using some of the cosmetics are some people press the vacuum bottle, when used only need to gently press a few can come out, and then you can backlog in their own palm inside the heart, then the bottle is by What principles can be squeezed out of things, what is the material of the bottle, we need to know about it.

Cosmetic vacuum bottle if it is squeeze, then you need to have a better choice of the material of the bottle, it should not be broken, it is best to choose the plastic material, not easy to break, and bear the pressure Is also relatively strong. In general, the bottle filled with cosmetics are inside the bottle will be a free activity of the site, and then use the process will slowly move to the top, until the bottle inside the things about to run out when the tray will be At a distance from the top of the bottle.

And then open the lid, and then can move the tray pushed to the bottom, should be many times the bottle rinse, because the skin care products need to be relatively clean, and then you can put into the cosmetics, and if the pressure is not big enough, then you can try With a lot of press a few times, and then you can more easily squeeze out the cosmetics.

This is the vacuum bottle used to install cosmetics some of the principles, in the use of the process should be better control, do not let these things burst out, be careful to operate. At present, the international first-line cosmetics brands have released their own performance report in China. The report shows that these first-line cosmetics brand by the domestic cosmetics brand squeeze, performance decline is very obvious. The rise of domestic cosmetics manufacturers, not only changed the pattern of cosmetics market, but also to cosmetics bottle packaging manufacturers market structure and business ideas have undergone great changes.

In the past, because the domestic cosmetics market share is limited, from the price to the market positioning is relatively low-end, so cosmetics bottle packaging manufacturers orders a large part of the main target of the international market, mainly to export, a lot of cosmetic bottle manufacturers also through the exhibition, etc. Way to fight for foreign manufacturers orders, business ideas for the international market strategy. Now the rise of domestic cosmetics manufacturers market, market share rising, the demand for cosmetics bottles in the continuous rise. Therefore, the domestic cosmetics bottle manufacturers in the moment need to change business ideas, will be more energy for the domestic cosmetics bottle market, for the domestic market for cosmetic bottle packaging development and design.

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