Precautions in the process when using essential oil bottles

Date:Jun 25, 2019

Essential oils are generally stored in essential oil bottles. We need to pay attention to the following when using essential oil bottles.

1. The method of opening the essential oil bottle is as follows - because the safety switch is used to prevent the child from opening the danger. Please press down on the cap and then open the lid; when the lid is closed, the lid can be directly locked, which is the design of the essential oil bottle.

2. Put the small funnel in the bottle mouth before use, then pour in the favorite essential oil for about 6 minutes. You can also use 2 or 3 different essential oils to mix and pour into the incense bottle. There are different moods. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. (If there is vaporized essential oil poured out of the bottle mouth, please wipe the bottle body and the bottle mouth with a damp cloth, and wash the hands and then do the next step.) [Please be careful not to place non-vaporized essential oil products or Self-modulating pure essential oil burning.]

3. Then place the core thread in the bottle. After 20 minutes, the vaporized essential oil completely penetrates the core and the core, before proceeding to the next step. Because it can protect the core and facilitate the ignition of the core.

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