Precautions for glass packaging and transportation

Date:Dec 21, 2019

Precautions for glass packaging and transportation

         1. In order to avoid unnecessary losses during transportation, we must pay attention to fixing and adding soft pads. It is generally recommended to use an upright method for transportation. Vehicles should also pay attention to maintaining stability and slow speed.

         2. If the other side of the glass installation is closed, pay attention to cleaning the surface before installation. It is recommended to use a special glass cleaner, and it should be installed after it is dry and it is confirmed that there are no stains. It is recommended to use clean construction gloves during installation.

         3. For the installation of glass, use silicone sealant to fix it. In the installation of windows, it also needs to be used with rubber seals.

         4. After the construction is completed, pay attention to the addition of anti-collision warning signs. Generally, you can use stickers, colored electrical tapes, and so on.

         5. Do not collide with sharp objects.

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