Lipstick Can Replace Other Makeup Stuff

Date:Jun 10, 2019

Makeup in the background, sometimes cannot be found with the color of eye shadow, make-up artist will use lipstick in place, can not only match was rescued in an emergency. If you don't have the right eye shadow at some point also needs to "emergency". Lipstick eye shadow makeup is best to use special makeup eye or eye liquid Foundation, eye makeup effect is good, don't have to worry about color of lipstick lumps and greasy lipstick oil on the eye too. 

Double eyelid people used as eyeshadow lipstick would be more convenient, directly with a brush dipped in a little, as he always painted eye shadow, added between the eyelid and on the part close to the eyelashes can color some and slowly transition to shallow. This step cannot be hand painted, or easy to color unevenness, a block occurs. If it is a single fold, be aware that lipstick can only be used in the eye and eye at the end, not in the Middle, otherwise it will look puffy eyes, makeup as a whole has not worked.

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