Innovator of cosmetic glass packaging

Date:Nov 21, 2019

At the PCD (Perfume, Cosmetic Glass Design) exhibition held in Paris from January 22nd to 23rd, 2008, quality and personality are the same, “as you like” is a trend, as demonstrated by the company Gerresheimer The new long-necked bottle shows the trend of the times.
    From the elite to the public, from the delicate and transparent to the dazzling combination of color paint and metal. Few producers can compete with Gerresheimer.
    Gerresheimer's slogan is "Marketforthefinersenses" (selling better) and has launched and presented a range of new products with its subsidiaries, including Nouvelles VerreriesdeMomignies in Belgium and Tettauer Glashüttenwerke in Germany and other affiliates. Last year, Gerresheimer also invested heavily in the development and expansion of its packaging business, including the establishment of new production facilities and factories in the US and China, all of which helped the company expand its business worldwide.
    According to the company's relevant personnel, the latest trends and trends in cosmetics and perfume packaging are: strive to create a unique style and make it stand out from the crowd. Gerresheimer spokesperson BurkhardLingenberg said, “The field of cosmetic design has always been extremely independent and confident, and the result is a product, packaging design that is extremely diverse, of superior quality and craftsmanship.”
    "Thememarketing" is the terminology and buzzwords of today's cosmetics industry. It also strongly guides major packaging companies to strive to launch the most individual designs. In the field of glass packaging, some designs using the latest technology are eye-catching, and the application of these technologies in the packaging industry was almost never imagined a few years ago.
    Christian Lacroix is a typical example of this concept. As a fashion design company, it has a new interpretation of the perfume packaging - long neck bottle. The latest fragrances use traditionally shaped bottles, but they use elegant decorations and hang them loosely on the “neck” and “shoulders” of the perfume bottle, thus tightly surrounding the entire neck of the perfume bottle. At the mouth, women's perfume bottles are gold and red, while men's perfume bottles are mainly based on silver and blue.
    This package is a model of the latest advanced technology introduced by Gerresheimer, which coats the entire glass packaging surface without losing the glass. Due to its novelty and uniqueness, Lacroix has commissioned Gerresheimer to design all its long neck bottle series (even samplers, etc.).

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