How to solve the problem of light transmission in glass bottles

Date:Jun 30, 2019

Let's talk about the darkness of glass bottles. We all know that the glass bottle is transparent, which is a major advantage of its packaging. Compared with the packaging of metal materials, it can reveal the product of the packaging and stimulate our purchasing desire. However, since glass bottles are used for the packaging of food and medicine products, some products have a light-proof requirement for packaging. If it is juice, such as medicine, the request for the products to protect from light will affect the shelf life of the product. It is necessary to improve the light protection performance of the glass bottle. Currently, there are two important ones. One is to use colored glass bottles. For example, essential oil glass bottles are packaged in dark glass bottles to meet the request for protection from light. In addition, one of the preparations was improved in the material of the transparent glass bottle, and the medium of the glass bottle was used to reduce the risk of light to the product.

liquid makeup glass bottles

For glass bottle packaging, its scale of dominance is very wide. From food, medicine, cosmetics and pesticides, it has been touched by cities of every size. Glass bottle packaging has a long history. Compared with other packaging, it doubles the ease and peace of mind

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