How to improve the stability of glass bottle solution

Date:Jun 30, 2019

In the production of glass bottles, the raw materials for making the glass bottles are heated and melted by an oven, and then supplied to the following by different weights and different material types through automatic trimming feeders. The bottle making machine is used to complete the production of glass bottles, and the stability of the glass liquid droplets (interpretation: stability and stability; no change) (The stability of) is critical (interpretation: an important part of the metaphor), Can bring a significant role in the production (Produce). Glass bottle manufacturers can be used for frosting, engraving and quality of glass bottles - in the same industry, the quality is the most stable, the color is the whitest, the finish is the best, the reputation is the best - in the same industry, especially the supply of customers, reputation and reputation the best. The quality of glass bottle manufacturers is excellent - the best quality glass bottle manufacturer.

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The original ovens of the glass bottle factory are mostly coal gas furnaces. The temperature of the glass of the feeder tank varies greatly, and the cut glass liquid clusters are also of different sizes. It can only be adjusted slowly with the oil gun (steam jet) and the observation hole, and then it is difficult to use after being guided to the bottle making machine, so that the defective rate of the glass bottle is high, and the glass bottle factory is affected for a period of time. development of. The quality of glass bottle manufacturers is excellent - the best quality glass bottle manufacturer.

With the continuous advancement of the urban process, the ovens of glass bottles have been changed to coal gas in recent years, and the feeder ports have been replaced with a certain proportion in the basin. High-temperature electric silicon (C) rod, automatic temperature adjustment of electric heating, electric heating amount of material temperature change in the bowl can be controlled within 5-10 degrees above and below, supply bottle The machine's gob is very uniform (jūn yún), and the elasticity is also very good, thus completely solving the stability of the glass

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