How to ensure the quality of glass bottles in the production process?

Date:Jun 25, 2019

Firstly, the appearance quality of the glass bottle is divided into material color, smoothness and transparency. The first element is the color of the glass bottle. According to the regional standards, there are three grades: white material, high white material and plain white material; The color of the seed material is the smoothness and transparency of the glass bottle. The appearance of the bottle should be free of impurities, bubbles, no cold spots, sticky bottles, wrinkle-free skin, no putty, etc. Another point to note is the “double stitching” of the bottle. There are some glass bottle manufacturers whose quality requirements are not strict, and there will often be a large seam and double stitching phenomenon; finally, the bottle body is straight, the large-mouth glass bottle has good clarity and transparency, and the small-mouth glass bottle can not have a particularly obvious halo. The wavy lines of the eyes.

Secondly, the inner quality of the glass bottle: the subdivision is much more, the glass bottle strength, the quenching hot temperature difference, the bottle verticality, the bottle thickness, the bottle body without deformation, the neck, the bottle mouth flatness roundness, no cold grain The blasting mouth, the silk thread is full, the filaments are broken, and there is no diameter in the mouth of the bottle. The most common problems of Xuzhou glass bottle manufacturers are the following points: small mouth bottle neck, small mouth flat bottle body shaking, large mouth bottle drum wire, etc.; small mouth bottle neck neck consequences are affecting the appearance, can not be machine filling can not machine The reason is that the mold factor, the production speed is fast, the bottle clamp is not matched, etc.; the small mouth flat bottle shakes most of the mold bottom skid line is not handled well, but also has a boring head print bias, and the organic speed is not fixed, etc. Caused; the consequences of the drum of the big mouth bottle is that the silk thread becomes thick and can not be capped, because the die is not well cooled or the head is shallow.

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