How to distinguish between real and fake wine through wine bottles

Date:Dec 17, 2019

Because the glass wine bottle has high hardness and is resistant to cleaning, it can be used for the second time. At the same time, it saves costs and also allows the criminals to take advantage of it. The fake wine produced next time is almost the same as the real one, and many consumers spend a lot of money to buy fake wine. This kind of phenomenon is already common. Since the fundamental problem can not be solved, learn to distinguish between genuine and fake wine, and avoid being deceived.

        How to distinguish between genuine and fake wines depends on the anti-counterfeiting coating on the bottles. The real wines are more delicate. Different colors and patterns can be seen through different angles. Also on the bottle body and wine box packaging, the font of real wine is clearer and the surface of fake wine is more blurred. The bottle neck and shrink film of the wine bottle are also an important feature. Since it was later packaged by itself, it should be carefully distinguished.

       Secondly, when drinking high-end wine, we must use a destructive method of removing wine boxes to prevent the second use of criminals.

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