How to clean common dirt in glass bottles

Date:Aug 22, 2020

How to clean common dirt in glass bottles?

         1. As long as the commonly used glass cups are soaked in sour vinegar for 30 minutes, they will be shiny as new. Crystal glass and other delicate tea sets can be wiped with a cloth dipped in vinegar, and the details are darkened. Use a soft toothbrush to dip the vinegar and salt into Wipe the solution gently. In addition, after washing the glassware with water, pour it with warm water of about 40 degrees, and then let it dry naturally, which can also remove the tea stains at the bottom of the cup.

         2. Put some toothpaste on the bottom of the cup and wipe it with a nylon cloth. You can also wipe it with refined salt, and the effect is also very good.

         3.Tea dirt is easy to clean. Put the plastic bag into a ball, soak it, put a small amount of edible alkali, and scrub the cup, it is easy to clean.

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