decoration of FROST for glass cosmetic containers

Date:Aug 14, 2019



A technique to make the glass jars and bottles from clear become frosted, glass cosmetic containers with a frosted appearance obtained by acid etching process which is a decorative way commonly used in glass decoration, this decorative finish could bring luxe look to your brand. 

Moreover, as we know glass containers are with high transparency, if the content requires the glass jars and bottles with low light transmittance, to make frosting finish is a way to reach this. 

Frosting on glass is to make acid on the surface of glass by chemical way, uncleared insoluble stuff will adhere to the surface of glass during etching, as the reaction time continues, the reactants accumulate into granular crystals and adhere to the surface, which hinders the further reaction of the acid etching, that is, non-uniform erosion, resulting in a translucent matte surface which is scattered toward the incident light, it is translucent and has a feeling of embarrassment.


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