Foil hostamping creates a decorative metallic finish on glass packaging

Date:Sep 02, 2019

glass-cosmetic-jars-with-foil-hotstamping.jpgapply foil hotstamping on glass bottles

Hot stamping refers to applying a metallic foil to the surface of glass cosmetic containers in order to create a decorative metallic finish. The process makes use of the metal dies installed on the hot stamping machine combined with a certain pressure and heat, to transfer a thin foil film to the surface of glass containers according to the graphic requirements when glass container and the hot stamping plate are pressed together in a short time.

hotstamping foil paper 2.png

The mostly hot stamping color used is gold and silver, while other metallic colors like copper, rose gold and more can be customized, the hot stamping decorations on glass jars and bottles are brilliant and able to enhance any of kind of glass packaging, the only limitation of hot stamping is the very small letters can not be printed. 

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