Color Cosmetic Package

Date:Jun 10, 2019

Cosmetic packaging can mean the difference of catching the eye of consumers or not. Among cosmetic formula development and taking a product from concept to production, a private label manufacturer can assist in selecting the best packaging for your cosmetic products.

One of the most important aspects of choosing the right packaging is the color of the packaging itself. Roseanna Roberts, director of color trends for The Color Association of the United States says, “A recent study found 85% of consumers attribute color as the primary reason for purchasing behavior.” It is not only important to choose a color that is eye-catching to the consumer, but it is also important to choose a color that conveys the attributes of the product and matches the branding of the product itself.

In addition to choosing packaging color for consumer appeal, it is also used to help uphold the quality of the product itself. Peter Prusak, head of marketing for Clariant Masterbatches North America says, “The pigment choices, along with opacity, can offer protection from the ultraviolet rays or the sun or store lighting, potentially extending the products shelf life…the ‘protection’ of the product from odor issue or discoloration also can be overlooked during color selection.”

While the color of the packaging should help protect the contents, the structure and design of the packaging should also help protect the product from getting contaminated due to hazardous chemicals, climate effects, and infestation. When thinking about packaging protecting the product, it is also a good idea to think about how the packaging might affect the environment. A private label manufacturer can help their clients make informed decisions about choosing environmentally friendly green packaging. With the organic cosmetic movement, manufacturers are beginning to use bamboo, paper, wood, aluminum, and glass packaging to reduce their carbon footprint which are biodegradable, recyclable, and don’t pollute the environment.

When selecting everything about packaging from the material, color, design, functionality, and appearance, it is critical to always keep the marketing of the product as a whole at the forefront of the packaging selection process. The cosmetic industry is a competitive billion dollar industry. Even though the industry speaks for itself, it is more important for individual companies to retain current consumers and to attract new ones. To consumers, what is inside the package is nearly just as important as the appearance and design of the actual packaging. In a matter of seconds, a consumer will decide if they will purchase a cosmetic product simply by looking at the product on the shelf. What is important is to design and select all aspects of the product so precisely that new consumers will be instantly attracted and loyal consumers will be able to spot your product on the shelf from 20 feet away.

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