Classification criteria for controlled glass bottles

Date:Jul 05, 2019

Control glass bottles are made of borosilicate tubing and are generally used for packaging small-volume products. The control glass bottle is light in weight, transparent, and chemically stable, and is suitable for the packaging of high acid and alkaline products. Our company can produce different bottle mouths, different sizes and different capacity of controlled glass bottles according to customer requirements. The controlled glass bottles are classified as follows:

A. Control oral liquid bottles are mainly used for oral liquid preparations of Chinese and Western medicines and health care products, generally white and brown.

B. Glass infusion bottles are the main packaging materials for large infusions.

C. Ampoules are mainly used for the packaging of water injections.

D. Pre-filled glass containers are a new type of special pharmaceutical glass packaging.

E. Control glass bottles are mainly used for oral preparations such as tablets, capsules and oral liquids, which are divided into color retention and brown, large mouth bottles and small mouth bottles.

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