Benefits of vacuum spreader handling glass

Date:Mar 11, 2020

Benefits of vacuum spreader handling glass

        1.Fast operating speed

        The vacuum energy is stored in the vacuum accumulator, and it can be transferred to the suction cup within one second and sucked instantly; the vacuum in the suction cup can be returned to an atmospheric pressure within two seconds and released instantly.

        2. Safe adsorption, no damage to the material surface

        The vacuum spreader mainly relies on the vacuum source to evacuate the air inside the suction cup. Generally, the material of the suction cup is silica gel, natural rubber, nitrile rubber, etc., which can complete the non-destructive handling or loading of materials such as plates and glass.

        3. Use safety

        The vacuum of the spreader usually comes from the accumulator. In the event of a vacuum pump failure, the energy reserve can hold the load for several hours.

        The degree of vacuum is controllable. The sensor can show the system in case of leakage and the load is released. As long as there is a proper vacuum in the chuck, the load will not fall. Just a physical rule.

        4. Save time and energy

        The use of vacuum spreaders can reduce employees in the storage area. Extraction and release can be done with just one person: the traffic operator. In any case, it is possible and necessary to reduce the number of workers engaged in hard and dangerous work.

        Since the handling of the vacuum device is very fast, cost savings exist in speed. The vacuum handling system does not leave marks on the product, so it can handle materials that require careful handling.

        5. Easy operation

        Since the operation of the vacuum spreader is on the top, it becomes easier to grasp, lower, and release. This is also one of the main advantages of using vacuum spreaders to move things.

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