Advantages of glass bottles in the cosmetics packaging industry

Date:Jun 15, 2019

Among the numerous cosmetic packaging containers, the glass container has the advantage of protecting the contents, has good optical properties, can clearly see the contents, is chemically inert, does not react with the contents (alkaline contents are out), and does not produce an unpleasant odor. It is airtight, heat resistant, and has high compressive strength. It can be manufactured in various shapes and colors during packaging and processing. The glass packaging container can also be sanded, colored, etc., although the glass container is easy to break and impact resistant. The strength is poor, the weight is high, and the transportation cost is high. However, it is still widely used. Now, glass containers are used for creams, lotions, lotions, perfumes, toilet waters, and essences, which account for 50% of similar products. At the same time, this is also related to the grade of the product and the sales target. The middle and upper grade skin care products mostly use glass bottles, and the low-grade products mostly use plastic bottles with novel shapes, which shows that this is also the key to improving the grade of glass containers. The key to the design of glass packaging containers is to maintain and improve the basic functions of the protection of content, the pursuit of high functionality, versatility and quality.

In the future development of glass packaging containers, it is necessary to ensure that the manufacturing materials of the glass containers are non-toxic; the appearance of the plastic art is stylized on the basis of maintaining and improving the protective contents; and increasing the variety specifications of the general glass containers to suit various varieties of cosmetics The development characteristics of small batches meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises; ensure the quality; meet the requirements of cosmetic manufacturers for the consistent packaging of glass containers and lids; meet the special hygiene requirements of glass packaging for the cosmetics industry, and at the same time lightweight glass bottles The inevitable choice for enterprises to develop a low-carbon economy.

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