Rotatable Glass Dropper Bottles

Rotatable Glass Dropper Bottles

Item: ES-318-45RT
Auto loading and rotatable dropper system
Flint glass material
High stability, airtight and barrier

45ml square and thick-walled glass cosmetic bottle, with stylish and luxury dropper assembly sitting flush on the side, the dropper cap features at rotatable and auto loading dropper system, this is a great choice as packaging solutions for facial serum, moisturizer, liquid foundation, hair oil etc.

Basic information:

  Product code  ES-318-45RT
  Fill capacity (ml)  45ml
  Height of bottle only (mm)  93mm
  Length x Width (mm)  33 x 33mm

  Bottle - flint glass

  Dropper assembly - plastic PP


  Bottle - clear, frosted or color painting

  Dropper assembly - standard or customized color

  Shape  Square
  Minimum order qty  10,000pcs

Features & Benefits

  • Thick-walled and luxury design.

  • Rotatable dropper with auto loading system allows final user to dispenser a precise dosage of product.

  • Glass can be recycled endlessly with no loss of purity or integrity.

  • Glass has excellent performance for compatibility.

Rayuen Packaging, the primary packaging company offers the best technology of glass packaging for cosmetic, skincare, makeup and perfumes, to make your brand and packaging unique and bring them stand out from the crowd, we can make glass cosmetic bottles with your own design as well as customize the mold based on your request.


Glass cosmetic bottles are made of moulded glass, flint glass cosmetic bottle which features at high performance of stability, airtight and barrier, meanwhile glass cosmetic bottles get better capability in protecting the content and its high perspective and heaviness makes high-end beauty brand choose glass cosmetic bottles as primary packaging for skincare and cosmetic products. 


Decorations available:

1. Spray painting:  the finish is customized like glossy, matte, pearl and gradient;

2. Frosting: make the container with slightly roughened surface, free from polish;

3. Color injection:  plastic component can be injected with custom colors;

4. Metalization:  the metallic finish creates depth of shade and luxury feeling;

5. Silk screen printing:  used for simplified artwork and color no more than 4 colors;

6. Water transfer printing:  used for complex artwork with multiple colors;

7. Hot stamping:  used for area of graphic with metallic look.

8. Embossing and debossing logo:  a raised logo or depressed logo can be applied on bottle or jar or lids closures

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