Boston Round Glass Dropper Bottles

Item: ES-BT435
Airtight and high performance of stability
Protecting the content from light damage

Boston Round Glass Dropper Bottles

Item: ES-BT435

Airtight and high performance of stability

Protecting the content from light damage

Sustainable and recyclable

Colored glass bottles also called as tinted glass bottles, tincture glass bottles and uv protected glass bottles, which could be used as great primary packaging solutions for essential oils, aromatherapy and organic skincare products etc.

Boston round glass bottles in amber, cobalt blue and vintage green offer UV protection for beauty, food and beverage products with sensitivity to light. Amber glass bottles or brown glass bottles were used for product which is light sensitive, the amber color absorbs harmful UV wavelengths and protecting the content from light damage; Cobalt glass bottles also called as blue glass bottles which commonly used for pigment; Green glass bottles allow for UV protection, no packaging interactions with product ingredients, so just select the colored glass bottles without worrying about UV light affecting their chemical composition

Basic information:

Product code





Fill capacity (ml)





Height of Bottle only (mm)





Diameter of Bottle (mm)






Bottle - tincture glass

Lid - plastic urea

Dropper cap - NBR or silicone teat, PP collar

Vial - glass


Bottle - amber

Lid - injection white or black

Dropper cap - white, black or custom color

Vial- clear



Minimum order qty

10,000pcs each


Absorb harmful UV wavelengths ;

Ensure best protection of contents away from light;

Contain benefits of safe, sustainable reusable and refillable;

100% recyclable and infinitely.

Rayuen Packaging, the primary packaging company offers the best technology of glass primary packaging for cosmetic, skincare, makeup and perfume, in order to make your brand unique and stand out from the shelves, it is necessary to make custom packaging design for your product.

Colored glass bottles can be made as custom glass cosmetic containers for your private label beauty product, to make your product with unique packaging, we normally suggest to make your own graphic and decoration on the colored glass bottles.

Decorations available:

1. Spray painting: the finish is customized like glossy, matte, pearl and gradient;

2. Color injection: plastic jar lids can be injected with custom color;

3. Metalization: the metallic finish creates depth of shade and luxury feeling;

4. Silk screen printing: used for simplified artwork and color no more than 4 colors;

5. Water transfer printing: used for complex artwork with multiple colors;

6. Hot stamping: used for area of graphic with metallic look.

7. Embossing and debossing logo: a raised logo or press your logo down on the surface of glass cosmetic jars and lids.

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